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What is the PerfectGiftCard?
The PerfectGiftCard is the ultimate gift certificate card.  Unlike gift certificates from stores or malls, the PerfectGiftCard can be used anywhere the VISA® debit card is accepted, at millions of locations worldwide and online.  So take the stress out of choosing the perfect gift, and give your family and friends a gift they're sure to love and use.

How does it work?
The PerfectGiftCard come embossed with the recipients name on the front of the card.  Even though the PerfectGiftCard is not like a credit card, it can be used for purchases just like a credit card, at any merchant who accepts VISA® debit cards, up to the amount available on the card.

At some merchant terminals, after the card has been swiped, the user may be prompted to select "debit" or "credit".  Because a personal identification number (PIN) will not be issued with the PerfectGiftCard, it's important to select "credit".  No transactions requiring a PIN will be accepted.

Can more than one recipient's name be on the PerfectGiftCard?
No.  Each PerfectGiftCard is personalized for one user.

Are there any restrictions on who may be issued a PerfectGiftCard?
The PerfectGiftCard may be purchased for everyone, no matter what age, and makes an ideal gift for teenagers.

What are the different denominations for the PerfectGiftCard?
The PerfectGiftCard is available in six denominations:  $25, $50, $75, $100, $250 and $500.  The shipping and handling fees are $5.95 per card for gift cards of $25-$250 and $7.95 per card for gift cards of $500.

How will the recipient know the amount of the gift?
The amount of the gift will not be displayed on the face of the PerfectGiftCard.  A card mailer which accompanies the PerfectGiftCard will indicate the amount of the gift.

To help avoid a purchase transaction from being declined, the cardholder should obtain the balance remaining on the card prior to making the purchase.  If card use exceeds the balance remaining on the card, a $25 fee may be billed.

How does a cardholder track his/her balance?
An automated voice response system is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help the cardholder track the balance on the card.  This system can provide up-to-date information on balance and transaction detail.  The cardholder may also want to keep a log of his purchases to help him track the balance on the card.

What if the recipient wants cash from the card?
Cash can be obtaining with the card by requesting a cash advance at any bank office that accepts VISA® debit cards, or a check may be requested from 5Star Bank.  A fee of 2% of the amount advanced of $5, whichever is greater will be charged for the cash advance and subtracted from the card's remaining balance.  If a check is requested a $15 check issuance fee will be subtracted from the card's remaining balance.

What happens if the PerfectGiftCard is lost or stolen?
The PerfectGiftCard works like cash and should be treated like cash.  If reported lost or stolen prior to the funds being depleted, a new card may be issued for a fee of $8.95.

How can the PerfectGiftCard be purchased?
The PerfectGiftCard can be purchased online at and charged to your VISA® or MasterCard® credit card.  Mail order purchases can be made by check, money order, or credit card.  A mail order form is included in this brochure.  Additional forms can be obtained by calling 1-888-277-0444 or printed from the website.

How long does it take the receive the PerfectGiftCard?
When you purchase a PerfectGiftCard, you may choose to have the card delivered to you or sent directly to your gift recipient.  If purchased by credit card or money order the PerfectGiftCard will be delivered via first class mail within 7-10 days.  Purchases by check will be delivered via first class mail within 10-14 days.

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