Satisfied customers speak volumes that no advertising campaign can compare to.  We invite you to view testimonials from our diverse business client base and discover for yourself why, for so many Central Connecticut businesses, banking locally just makes sense.  Each business client presents unique service needs that Castle Bank successfully meets and exceeds on a daily basis.  Feel free to contact any of our business clients that have provided testimonials with your comments and questions.

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We�ve been very happy about our decision to move to Castle Bank.  The staff has been very helpful and courteous and we appreciate the services they offer.  My staff is especially pleased that they allow us to transfer funds over the phone.  Most importantly though, they are a local bank and they know my business and they know me personally.  Operating a small business can sometimes be a hassle.  Castle Bank has made my banking easier.  As a local businessperson, I really appreciate that.

Bob Mule
President and Owner
Mule Security Systems, Inc.

Our relationship with Castle Bank is excellent.  We were searching for a loan and they were able to accommodate our needs.  From a service standpoint, they exceed any other bank around.

John Augustyn
President, CEO
Pyramid Technologies, LLC

We are really enjoying our relationship with Castle Bank.  It�s nice to be able to talk to someone you know at your bank about a question or problem instead of being connected to a �customer service specialist� who�s really located in Virginia.

Sue Herbst
Office Manager
Roman Oil Company

Banking with Castle is fantastic.  It�s nice to have banking the way it used to be again without long lines and big hassles.  They provide local solutions to local needs.  It�s great having a branch in our neighborhood too.  I can walk across the street and get all of my banking done.

Bob Squire
Squire Travel & Insurance

Our accounts were with another bank and I hated it.  Castle is wonderful with customer service.  If there is ever a problem, I know they will fix it quickly.  I don�t hesitate to call to get questions answered because I know I won�t get lost in the runaround of voicemail.  I�ll talk to a staff member who will get me the answers I need.  Opening the account was easy too.   I just filled out the required paperwork and it was ready.

Joanne Scotto
Val Darin Pools

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