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Analysis of 2024 Presidential Campaign Themes: Spectator’s Perspective

The 2024 presidential campaign has been filled with inaccurate claims and misinformation, according to a recent analysis. Republicans have accused Joe Biden of rigging the judicial system, ruining the economy, and allowing crime to run rampant in American cities. However, a closer look at the data reveals a different story.

In terms of the judicial system, former President Trump was convicted of 34 felony counts in a New York criminal trial and was found guilty of sexually abusing a woman. These convictions were the result of regular citizens on a grand jury and a trial jury, not government interference. It is not Biden’s fault that Trump is a convicted criminal.

On the economic front, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that inflation is down to 3.27 percent, job growth is exceeding projections, and GDP has been steadily increasing. The economy is showing signs of improvement, contrary to claims of a disaster.

Crime rates have also been on the decline, with the murder rate dropping 10 percent in 2023 according to the FBI. Contrary to popular belief, New York City saw a decrease in murders in 2023 and does not rank near the top of violent crime statistics.

Internationally, a Pew Research Center survey found that confidence in Biden is higher than confidence in Trump in 34 countries. The US has not become submissive to China or Russia, as evidenced by Biden’s continuation of tariffs and support for arming Ukraine.

While there are legitimate criticisms of President Biden, such as his handling of certain policies, claims of a failed economy, rampant crime, and loss of international respect are unfounded. The data tells a different story than what some politicians are claiming on the campaign trail.


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