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Annual General Meeting Results Announced by OneConnect

OneConnect Financial Technology Co., Ltd. Announces Results of Annual General Meeting of Shareholders

OneConnect Financial Technology Co., Ltd. recently held its annual general meeting of shareholders in Shenzhen on April 8, 2022, where several important resolutions were approved, ratified, and confirmed.

Among the key resolutions passed at the meeting were the amendment and restatement of the Company’s memorandum and articles of association, the granting of a general mandate to the Directors to issue additional shares, and the approval of a mandate to repurchase shares of the Company. These decisions are seen as crucial steps in the Company’s growth and development as a leading technology-as-a-service provider for financial institutions in China.

OneConnect Financial Technology Co., Ltd. is known for its innovative technology solutions that help financial institutions improve efficiency, enhance service quality, and reduce costs and risks. The Company’s digital transformation solutions have been well-received by its customers, leading to long-term cooperation relationships with financial institutions and successful expansion into overseas markets.

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