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Budget Falls Short of Expectations in Addressing Economic Crisis and Reforms

The highly anticipated budget has left many disappointed as it fails to address the pressing economic issues facing the country. With the ongoing economic crisis exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic, the Russia-Ukraine war, and soaring inflation, expectations were high for specific measures to tackle these challenges.

However, the initiatives outlined in the budget have fallen short of expectations. Targets for growth, inflation reduction, and private sector investment appear unrealistic, while additional taxes on essential products and services will burden low and middle-income individuals.

Tax sector reforms also lack the necessary emphasis on income tax, with a proposed increase in tax rates unlikely to generate significant revenue without bringing wealthy individuals into the tax net. The country’s low revenue-GDP ratio highlights the urgent need for comprehensive tax reforms.

The budget’s failure to prioritize inflation control, implement strong tax reforms, and address financial sector issues has left many questioning the government’s commitment to addressing the country’s economic woes. As the budget falls short of expectations, concerns remain about the country’s economic future and the government’s ability to steer the economy towards stability.


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