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Attempted ATM theft at Brookfield bank by thieves

Attempted ATM Theft at Landmark Credit Union in Brookfield, Wisconsin

In a daring and foolish attempt, three individuals were arrested by the town of Brookfield Police Department after trying to steal an ATM from the Landmark Credit Union on Bluemound Road. The brazen thieves were caught in the act by police, who were conveniently located just across the parking lot from the crime scene.

News Chopper 12 captured the scene as a pick-up truck with a yellow strap attached to the ATM was spotted outside the bank. The front of the ATM showed signs of damage, indicating the failed attempt to steal the machine. The suspects, two 25-year-olds and a 36-year-old, tried to flee on foot but were quickly apprehended by law enforcement.

Dean Madden, a witness from a neighboring business, expressed shock at the audacity of the attempted theft, stating, “Kind of shows the society that we live in today. Stupid is as stupid does.” The ATM is currently out of service as a result of the incident.

The town of Brookfield Police Department is continuing their investigation into the matter, with the suspects facing charges for their reckless actions. The community is relieved that the perpetrators were swiftly caught and that justice will be served in this bizarre and dangerous crime.


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