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Best investment options: funds, trusts, and equities worth investing in

Top Investment Funds, Trusts, and Equities Investors are Buying in June

Tech stocks continue to dominate investor portfolios as the artificial intelligence (AI) boom shows no signs of slowing down. According to Interactive Investor research, US chip powerhouse Nvidia is leading the pack, with other tech giants like Microsoft and Apple also making waves in the equities rankings.

However, concerns about a potential tech bubble burst have been raised after Nvidia stock took a hit in late June. Despite this, bargain hunters have brought Elon Musk’s Tesla back into the top 10 most-bought equities.

In the world of investment funds, the L&G Global Tech Index has taken the top spot, surpassing Vanguard LifeStrategy 80% Equity. Kyle Caldwell, funds and investment education editor at Interactive Investor, highlighted the importance of understanding concentration risk when investing in tech-heavy funds.

Meanwhile, in the investment trust sphere, Scottish Mortgage Trust remains the most popular choice, with other trusts with major exposure to tech giants also performing well. Renewable energy infrastructure trusts have also been gaining interest among investors.

When it comes to equities, FTSE 100 heavyweights like Rolls Royce and BP continue to be popular choices, while opportunistic investors have been eyeing potential bargains like GSK. Despite the volatility in the market, Nvidia remains the top equity choice for investors, with Tesla making a comeback in the top 10.

Overall, the tech sector continues to be a hot topic among investors, with both opportunities and risks to consider in the ever-changing market landscape.


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