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Bryan, Garnier & Co streamlines markets and banking professionals with Singletrack’s one-bank solution

Singletrack Announces Integration of Bryan, Garnier & Co Investment Banking Teams onto Platform

The leading capital markets workflow and analytics solutions provider, Singletrack, has made a significant announcement today. Independent growth investment bank Bryan, Garnier & Co has integrated their investment banking teams onto the Singletrack platform, alongside sales and trading, research, and corporate access.

Bryan, Garnier & Co is renowned for its specialization in growth European healthcare and technology-focused companies and investors. By uniting their teams on a single CRM platform, Bryan Garnier aims to enhance collaboration, eliminate information silos, and improve service delivery. This integration will bring together teams from various business functions across multiple locations in France, Germany, the UK, Scandinavia, and the US.

Falk Müller-Veerse, Partner and Head of DACH Investment Banking at Bryan, Garnier & Co, expressed his satisfaction with the collaboration, emphasizing the benefits of streamlined communication and personalized services for clients. Partner and COO/CFO, Gregoire Gillingham, highlighted the importance of Singletrack in providing a robust system that meets current needs while allowing for scalability in the future.

Singletrack CEO Stuart Berwick also shared his excitement about working with Bryan Garnier, emphasizing the platform’s support for advisory business functions across different locations. The focus on data-driven advisory is seen as key to improving communication, collaboration, and productivity.

This integration marks a significant step forward for both Singletrack and Bryan, Garnier & Co, showcasing a commitment to innovation and efficiency in the capital markets industry. For media inquiries, please contact Clare Cavenagh at [email protected] or +44 (0)203 384 0652.


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