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Carter Bank reaches settlement with companies owned by Justice | Latest News, Sports, Employment

Settlement Reached in Dispute Between Justice Family Businesses and Bank

The Justice family, including businesses owned by Gov. Jim Justice and managed by his adult children, have reached a settlement with Carter Bank and Trust after years of court battles. The settlement, which comes after the bank sought to collect more than $300 million in loans guaranteed by the governor, marks a significant milestone for both parties.

Details of the settlement were not disclosed due to confidentiality agreements, but it offers a pathway for the Justices to pay off the reduced amount owed to the bank. The agreement was reached after Carter Bank filed multiple confessed judgments against the Justice family, seeking repayment of the loans.

The Justice family expressed their commitment to fulfilling their obligations under the settlement and moving forward constructively. The resolution of this long-standing dispute allows both parties to focus on their respective priorities without the distraction of further litigation.

The Justices’ relationship with Carter Bank dates back decades, and they look forward to ensuring that The Greenbrier remains a part of the family’s holdings for generations to come. This settlement brings an end to a complex legal battle and paves the way for a new chapter for both the Justice family and Carter Bank.


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