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Dave Ramsey’s strict advice: To avoid being broke, you must ‘honor your wages’

Dave Ramsey’s Blunt Advice on Avoiding Financial Ruin: ‘Honor Your Wages’

Personal finance expert Dave Ramsey is not one to mince words when it comes to giving financial advice. In a recent episode of “The Dave Ramsey Show,” Ramsey laid down the law and told people that if they don’t want to be broke, they have to ‘honor their wages.’

Ramsey, known for his tough love approach to personal finance, highlighted the fact that many Americans are living beyond their means and accumulating record levels of household debt. A MarketWatch survey revealed that household debt reached a staggering $17.3 trillion in early 2024, with credit card debt seeing the most significant increase.

During the episode, Ramsey emphasized the importance of living within one’s means and making smart financial decisions. He advised viewers to avoid unnecessary expenses like credit card debt, car payments, and leasing, and instead focus on saving, investing, and living on less than they earn.

Ramsey’s message is clear: if you want to avoid financial hardship, you need to start thinking and acting like a wealthy person. This means being mindful of your spending, prioritizing saving and investing, and avoiding unnecessary debt.

In a time when many Americans are struggling with financial insecurity, Ramsey’s advice serves as a wake-up call to take control of one’s finances and make smart choices for a secure financial future. So, if you don’t want to be broke, it’s time to start honoring your wages and making wise financial decisions.


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