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Defense organizations quickly hire new employees


Defense Industry Survey Shows Record Hiring Amid High Order Books

Defense Industry Sees Surge in Hiring Amid Record Order Books

In a recent survey conducted by the Financial Times, it has been revealed that defense and aerospace companies are ramping up their hiring efforts at the fastest rate since the end of the cold war. With order books reaching near record highs, companies are looking to recruit tens of thousands of workers this year.

The survey, which included 20 large and medium-sized US and European defense and aerospace companies, found that positions are open across the board, from apprentices to late-stage career executives. In particular, engineers, software developers, cyber security analysts, welders, and mechanics are in high demand.

Major US contractors like Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, and General Dynamics have close to 6,000 job openings that need to be filled. Overall, the companies surveyed are looking to increase their workforce by almost 37,000 positions, which amounts to nearly 10% of their total aggregate workforce.

This hiring spree in the defense industry reflects the growing demand for skilled workers to meet the increasing orders and projects in the sector. Stay tuned for more updates on this industry-wide trend.

In other news today:
– Federal Reserve officials are set to speak at various events to discuss monetary policy
– China and Australia are working to improve military communication
– EU leaders are expected to back Ursula von der Leyen for a second term as president of the European Commission
– French election campaigning officially begins with the left looking to solidify alliances

Stay tuned for more updates on these stories and more.


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