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Empowering the Next Generation through Financial Literacy

Enhancing Financial Literacy and Empowering Individuals with Maybank Goal-Based Investment

Maybank Launches Goal-Based Investment Tool to Enhance Financial Literacy and Empower Malaysians

In today’s fast-paced world, financial security and planning ahead have become essential for individuals looking to achieve their financial goals. However, studies have shown that there is a concerning gap in financial knowledge among Malaysians, particularly the younger generation.

The Securities Commission’s Youth Capital Market Survey revealed that many young people lack confidence in making investment decisions and are unaware of basic financial concepts. Additionally, the Ringgit Plus Malaysian Financial Literacy Survey 2023 highlighted that a significant portion of Malaysian adults have not started investing, and many Gen Z Malaysians spend more than what they earn each month.

To address these challenges, Maybank has launched a revolutionary tool called Goal-Based Investment, designed to enhance financial literacy and empower individuals to achieve their financial objectives. This innovative product caters to Malaysians aged 18 to 55, offering a low initial investment starting from RM200, flexible contributions with no monthly commitment, and personalised portfolio recommendations based on individual risk profiles and financial aspirations.

One of the standout features of Maybank Goal-Based Investment is its user-friendly approach, allowing users to set up and manage their investments easily through the MAE app and Maybank2u website. The tool also provides a hands-on financial management experience, emphasizing goal setting and progress tracking to motivate users and educate them on the importance of long-term financial planning.

Maybank Goal-Based Investment offers both conventional and Shariah-compliant funds, ensuring inclusivity for all Malaysians regardless of their financial preferences or religious beliefs. The tool also addresses the cost associated with management fees and sales charges by offering competitive fees ranging from 0% to 1.5%, depending on the chosen funds.

By promoting financial literacy and encouraging long-term financial planning, Maybank Goal-Based Investment aims to contribute to the broader economic stability and prosperity of Malaysia. Whether you’re a fresh graduate, a young family, or an experienced investor, this investment tool offers something for everyone.

For more information on Maybank Goal-Based Investment, visit the Maybank2u website or download the MAE app. Investors can also enjoy a promotional 0% sales charge on their initial investments until June 25. Terms and conditions apply.


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