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Enhancing innovation networks in smart healthcare through ERGM analysis

Analyzing the Formation Mechanisms of Innovation Networks in the Smart Healthcare Industry: A Study Using ERGM Method

Innovations in the smart healthcare industry are rapidly evolving, thanks to the integration of healthcare services and information technology. A recent study published in the Journal of Digital Economy sheds light on the formation mechanisms of innovation networks in this sector, aiming to optimize network layouts and enhance innovation efficiency.

Researchers from the School of Management at Shanghai University utilized the ERGM method to analyze cooperative patent data in the smart medical industry. They found that factors such as organizational attributes, geographical proximity, and recent years of patent cooperation play crucial roles in shaping innovation networks. However, a core-periphery structure and lower network density can impede the formation of diverse connections, hindering network development.

This quantitative study fills a gap in existing qualitative research on smart medical innovation, providing valuable insights for industry stakeholders. With the application scope of smart healthcare expanding, understanding the dynamics of innovation networks is essential for driving progress in this rapidly growing field.


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