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EquityMultiple: A Leading Real Estate Investing Platform for Accredited Investors

EquityMultiple is making waves in the world of real estate investing, offering accredited investors the opportunity to invest in commercial real estate and other high-yield, income-generating assets. With a minimum investment of $5,000, this modern platform has caught the attention of Business Insider’s personal finance team, who compared it to the best real estate investing apps and found it to be an industry leader for accredited investors.

EquityMultiple stands out for its managed assets, including equity, preferred equity, institutional commercial real estate, and senior debt. The platform offers a range of property types and investment options, catering to investors looking to diversify their portfolios and generate passive income over the long term.

One of EquityMultiple’s unique features is its three investing strategies: Grow, Earn, and Keep (Alpine Note). Each strategy offers different investment opportunities and target returns, allowing investors to choose the option that best suits their financial goals and risk tolerance.

While EquityMultiple requires a minimum investment of $5,000, the platform’s fees are competitive, typically around 0.5% annually. Investors can expect to receive their distributions within 45 to 60 days after investing, providing a relatively quick turnaround on their investments.

Despite its strengths, EquityMultiple is not without its drawbacks. The platform only accepts accredited investors, limiting access for non-accredited individuals. Additionally, EquityMultiple lacks liquidity compared to platforms offering publicly traded REITs, as its investment options include non-traded REITs and other real estate funds.

Overall, EquityMultiple offers accredited investors a solid option for investing in commercial real estate and other high-yield assets. With a range of investment options, competitive fees, and a strong track record, EquityMultiple is a platform worth considering for investors looking to diversify their portfolios and generate passive income through real estate investments.


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