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Point Zero Forum 2023: Recap of Day Two Discussions and Key Takeaways

The Point Zero Forum in Zurich was abuzz with discussions on the future of finance, as central bankers, policymakers, and industry leaders gathered to delve into topics such as responsible AI adoption, quantum technology, digital assets, and payment frameworks. The second day of the forum saw a focus on Europe’s regulatory challenges, the integration of AI and quantum technologies in finance, and the push for sustainable investments in emerging markets.

One of the key sessions featured Dr. Axel Weber and Navin Suri discussing Europe’s lag behind the U.S. in GDP and innovation due to regulatory fragmentation, emphasizing the need to invest in emerging markets for sustainability. The forum also delved into the world of AI and Quantum Technology, with sessions highlighting the importance of ethical AI development and the potential of quantum computing in revolutionizing financial systems.

Speakers at the forum emphasized the need for collaboration between banks, regulators, and customers to navigate legal and infrastructure challenges in integrating digital assets with traditional systems. Despite the hurdles, progress has been made, with countries like Switzerland leading the way in this integration.

The Point Zero Forum, organized by Elevandi and the Swiss State Secretariat for International Finance, aims to drive confidence, adoption, and growth of transformative technology in the financial sector. Through leadership dialogues, roundtables, workshops, and networking events, the forum brings together industry leaders to address the latest developments in financial technology and shape the future of finance.


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