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Expectations of the Indian Stock Market from the Coalition Government Budget 2024: Insights from Experts

Union Budget 2024 Expectations: Insights from Market Experts

Title: Indian Stock Market Soars to Record Highs Ahead of Budget 2024: Expert Insights and Expectations

The Indian stock market is experiencing unprecedented growth, reaching record highs as it anticipates the upcoming Union Budget 2024. This surge is fueled by strong economic growth, easing inflation, and the expectation of a well-balanced budget that focuses on fiscal consolidation while boosting key sectors like manufacturing, infrastructure, and rural development.

Experts in the financial industry have shared their insights and expectations for Budget 2024. Mahendra Kumar Jajoo, CIO of Mirae Asset Investment Managers, highlighted the government’s commitment to fiscal consolidation and infrastructure development. There are expectations of reduced market borrowings and potential assistance for states like Bihar and Andhra.

Aamar Deo Singh, Senior VP of Research at Angel One, emphasized the need for reforms to support growth while addressing challenges like inflation and job creation. Kunal Shah, Senior Research Analyst at Carnelian Asset Management, stressed the importance of continuity in government spending and potential rural-led investments.

Prashanth Tapse, Senior VP at Mehta Equities, called for measures to enhance consumer spending, rationalize taxes, and focus on infrastructure development. Dikshit Mittal, Fund Manager at LIC Mutual Fund, expects the budget to prioritize infrastructure spending, job creation, and fiscal consolidation.

Overall, the market is optimistic about Budget 2024, expecting a balance between growth-oriented policies and measures to address current challenges. As the budget approaches, investors are closely monitoring developments and preparing for potential market impacts.

Disclaimer: The views expressed by analysts and experts are their own and not endorsed by Mint. Investors are advised to seek professional advice before making investment decisions.


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