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Extension of blanket concession until December 31

Minister of Home Affairs Extends Concession for Foreign Nationals in South Africa

In a swift and decisive move, newly appointed Minister of Home Affairs, Leon Schreiber, has extended the temporary concession for foreign nationals awaiting visa, waiver, and appeal outcomes in South Africa. Just one day after taking office, Minister Schreiber announced that long-term visa holders will be allowed to remain in the country until 31 December 2024.

The announcement comes after a period of uncertainty for many foreign nationals, who were concerned about their legal status in the absence of a concession extension. Minister Schreiber has pledged to avoid any future delays in communication regarding visa extensions, ensuring that any changes will be communicated well in advance of the expiry date.

The directive issued by the Department of Home Affairs introduces several measures, including temporary extensions for foreign nationals awaiting waiver, visa, and appeal decisions. These measures aim to provide clarity and support to applicants while maintaining the integrity of the visa system.

Minister Schreiber’s proactive approach to addressing these issues demonstrates a commitment to improving the efficiency of the Department of Home Affairs and enhancing South Africa’s appeal to international talent, investment, and tourism. This move is seen as a positive step towards revitalizing the visa system and promoting economic growth in the country.

Overall, the extension of the concession for foreign nationals reflects a strategic vision to streamline processes, support applicants, and position South Africa as a welcoming destination for visitors and expatriates.


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