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Global Economic Impact Study of Spirits in 2024

Consulting Report: Economic Impact Assessment of Spirits Production and Sale

The World Spirits Alliance (WSA) in collaboration with the IWSR and Oxford Economics has conducted a groundbreaking global economic impact assessment of the production and sale of spirits across 185 economies in 2022. The study revealed that the global sales of spirits reached a staggering $650 billion in 2022, excluding VAT.

The comprehensive study tracked the economic activities of distillers, distributors, supermarkets, bars, restaurants, hotels, and other venues involved in the production and sale of spirits. The economic impact extended to supply-chain spending, wage-funded spending of employees, and suppliers, with the study using Oxford Economics’ Global Sustainability Model to analyze economic activity within countries and across borders.

The findings of the study showed that the production and sale of spirits contributed $730 billion to global GDP in 2022, representing 1 in every $140 of global GDP. Additionally, this economic activity supported 36 million jobs worldwide and generated $390 billion in tax revenue for governments globally.

The lead consultants on this project were Francesca Biagini, Lead Economist, and Ian Saxon, Associate Director, from Oxford Economics’ Economic Consulting team. Their expertise in quantitative economic analysis played a crucial role in the success of this groundbreaking study.

To access the full report and delve deeper into the economic impact of the production and sale of spirits, interested individuals can download the report by completing the form provided on the Oxford Economics website. This report sheds light on the significant contribution of the spirits industry to the global economy and highlights the importance of this sector in driving economic growth and employment opportunities worldwide.


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