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Hayes: Bitcoin’s Bull Run Linked to Economic Parallels of 1930s-1970s

Analysis of Bitcoin and Crypto Bull Run Amidst Economic Cycles by Arthur Hayes

Arthur Hayes, the co-founder of BitMEX, has recently published an insightful essay titled “Zoom Out,” where he delves into the historical economic cycles from the 1930s-1970s and their relevance to the current financial landscape, particularly in relation to Bitcoin and the crypto bull run.

In his analysis, Hayes distinguishes between “Local” and “Global” cycles, highlighting the impact of economic protectionism and financial liberalization on asset classes. He draws parallels between the economic crises of the past and the emergence of Bitcoin in response to the 2008 financial crash.

Hayes argues that Bitcoin’s decentralized nature positions it as a valuable asset during times of inflation and financial instability, akin to gold’s role in the 1930s. He points to the significant surge in the US budget deficit as a modern indicator of increased government spending, similar to past Local cycles that boosted the value of non-state assets.

With Bitcoin trading at $62,649, Hayes predicts a resurgence in the crypto bull run, emphasizing the importance of holding crypto to preserve wealth in the face of looming debasement through fiscal and monetary policies. He believes that the current economic conditions align with historical patterns, signaling a favorable environment for Bitcoin’s value to rise.

As Hayes concludes, the parallels between past economic upheavals and the present situation suggest that Bitcoin is poised to regain its momentum, offering investors a secure alternative amidst evolving financial landscapes.


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