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About Stephen Gunnion

Stephen Gunnion, a senior financial journalist and broadcaster at Proactive Investors, has over 25 years of experience in television, radio, and print media. With a background in anchoring on various television channels such as South Africa’s Business Day TV, CNBC Africa, and the South African Broadcasting Corporation, Gunnion has established himself as a trusted source of financial news.

Having also worked for reputable publications like Daily Maverick, Bloomberg, and Investors’ Chronicle, Gunnion brings a wealth of knowledge and insight to his reporting. His expertise in the financial sector has made him a go-to source for investors seeking reliable information on market trends and developments.

Proactive Investors, the publisher for which Gunnion works, is known for its fast, accessible, and informative business and finance news content. With bureaus and studios in key financial hubs around the world, including London, New York, and Sydney, Proactive’s news team delivers unique insights across various industries, from biotech and pharma to mining and natural resources.

Utilizing cutting-edge technology, Proactive remains at the forefront of digital journalism. While the team incorporates automation and software tools, including generative AI, into their workflow, all content is ultimately edited and authored by humans to ensure accuracy and quality.

With Gunnion’s expertise and Proactive’s commitment to delivering timely and engaging financial news, investors can rely on their reporting to stay informed and make informed decisions in the ever-changing market landscape.


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