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Joliet Progressing Towards Becoming a Top City

City of Joliet Approves Companies for Ten-Year Comprehensive Plan Blueprint

The City of Joliet is embarking on a groundbreaking initiative with the approval of two companies to create a comprehensive plan that will shape the city’s future for the next decade. Lamar Johnson Collaborative and Urban3 have been selected to develop a blueprint that will guide the city’s investments and development strategies.

This comprehensive plan, the first of its kind in nearly sixty years, will provide a roadmap for creating community spaces, identifying resources, and making strategic investments in capital improvements. Mayor Terry D’Arcy expressed his gratitude to the council for their support and emphasized the importance of this plan in shaping the city’s future.

The Lamar Johnson Collaborative’s project approach includes five phases, each involving public engagement activities and deliverables. The estimated timeline for the project is 18-24 months, with a total cost of $581,000 to be paid over the next three fiscal years.

Urban3 will also play a crucial role in the project by conducting a specialized Economic Analysis to evaluate the impact of development on the city’s finances and infrastructure. This analysis will inform policy decisions on future developments and provide a comprehensive understanding of their overall impact on the city.

Meetings to engage the public will be held throughout the community, ensuring that a diverse range of voices are heard in the planning process. This comprehensive plan represents a significant step forward for the City of Joliet, setting the stage for a more vibrant and sustainable future for all residents and stakeholders.


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