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Martin Lewis offers essential tips for individuals struggling with credit card debt

Martin Lewis Offers Critical Advice on Dealing with Credit Card Debt

Finance guru Martin Lewis recently provided critical advice to a viewer who felt trapped paying interest on their credit cards, unable to make a dent in their debts. On his BBC show, The Martin Lewis Podcast, Lewis outlined three tests for determining whether individuals should seek help outside the system or work within it to manage their debts.

The first test involves meeting monthly minimum repayments without sacrificing necessary expenses. The second test compares total debt (excluding mortgage and student loans) to annual after-tax salary. If minimum payments can’t be met or debts exceed salaries, Lewis advises seeking help outside the system.

The final test focuses on the emotional toll of debt, with Lewis urging those experiencing anxiety or depression to seek assistance immediately. For individuals struggling within the system, Lewis recommends prioritizing debts with the highest interest rates and seeking non-profit assistance if necessary.

For those considering bankruptcy, Lewis cautions against paying companies to file on their behalf and instead recommends reaching out to organizations like the National Debt Line, Citizen’s Advice Bureau, or StepChange for free guidance and support. Lewis emphasizes that these organizations are there to help, not judge, individuals in financial distress.


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