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South Africa is gearing up for the launch of the Two-Pot Retirement System on September 1, 2024, but there are many misconceptions surrounding this new approach to retirement planning. According to the 10X Investments Retirement Reality Report 2023, only 6% of the population is on track to retire comfortably, highlighting the importance of understanding the Two-Pot System.

One common myth that needs to be debunked is that the Two-Pot System applies to everyone saving for retirement in South Africa. In reality, there are exceptions such as provident fund members over 55, pensioners, unclaimed benefits, closed funds, funds in liquidation, and Legacy Retirement Annuity Funds. It is crucial for individuals to stay informed about how these exceptions may apply to them.

Another misconception is that all retirement savings are up for grabs under the Two-Pot System. In fact, only the “Savings Pot” is accessible for emergencies, with 10% of existing savings automatically transferred to this pot and one-third of future contributions allocated to it. The rest of the contributions go towards the retirement pot, ensuring long-term financial security.

Additionally, there is a misconception that withdrawals from the Savings Pot are tax-free. In reality, withdrawals are taxed as income, with only one withdrawal allowed per tax year. It is important for individuals to understand the tax implications of these withdrawals on both the withdrawn amount and the remaining funds.

The Two-Pot Retirement System also addresses issues such as early withdrawals and lack of emergency funds by promoting long-term savings habits and providing access to a portion of retirement savings for emergencies. Financial education workshops and guidance from financial advisors are available to help individuals navigate this new system with confidence.

John Manyike, the head of financial education at Old Mutual, is on a mission to debunk these myths and empower retirement fund members with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions about their financial future. As South Africa prepares for the future of retirement planning, it is essential for individuals to understand the Two-Pot System and how it can benefit their long-term financial security.


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