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New Law Creates Commission to Address Racial Disparities in Colorado

Governor Polis Signs “Racial Equity Study” Bill into Law at City Park Event

Governor Jared Polis Signs Racial Equity Study Bill into Law, Establishing Independent Commission

In a historic moment this afternoon, Governor Jared Polis signed the “Racial Equity Study” bill into law under the MLK Memorial Statue in City Park. The bill establishes an independent commission tasked with researching solutions to racial disparities in various areas such as K-12 education, housing, and healthcare.

The crowd of around 50 people gathered to witness the signing, including key figures like Katherine Casey, the chief strategy officer of Collaborative Healing Initiative within Communities, a grassroots organization that supported the bill. Casey outlined the commission’s responsibilities, which include documenting racial harms experienced by Black Coloradans, quantifying the economic impact of those harms, and proposing evidence-based steps for the state to take in order to repair those harms.

However, the creation of the commission hinges on the receipt of $785,000 in gifts, grants, or donations for the study to be conducted. Despite this potential roadblock, Governor Polis and the bill’s prime sponsors, including state Sen. James Coleman and state Rep. Naquetta Ricks, expressed their excitement for the bill’s potential to bring about data-informed policy.

Some Republicans have voiced opposition to the bill, citing concerns about divisiveness and the possibility of reparation payouts. State Sen. Larry Liston questioned the necessity of the study in the current environment, while Coleman emphasized the importance of addressing economic hurdles faced by Black Coloradans to benefit the state economy as a whole.

Community members, like Jameka Lewis, a librarian and historian at the Blair-Caldwell African American Research Library, gathered at City Park to celebrate the bill’s enactment. Lewis expressed excitement about having tangible action items to address racial disparities in Colorado.

Overall, the signing of the “Racial Equity Study” bill marks a significant step towards addressing systemic racism and promoting equity in the state. The commission’s work is expected to provide valuable insights and recommendations for creating a more inclusive and prosperous Colorado for all its residents.


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