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St. George Bank Manager and Staff Swiftly Capture 2 Suspects for Forgery and Theft, Leading to Jail Time

A Washington City Police Department vehicle, date unspecified | File photo, St. George News

Two suspects are facing more than a dozen felony charges after a fraud-in-progress call at a bank in Washington City led to their arrest. The suspects attempted to cash fraudulent checks at multiple branches throughout Washington County, prompting alerts to other local banks. The suspects, identified as Yadrian Leyva Leyva and Adrian Aristide Leyva, were caught in the act at a Washington City branch, where they were attempting to cash a $9,000 check using fake identification. Both suspects were detained and found in possession of forged documents and stolen bank cards. They were booked into jail facing 17 felony charges, including producing false identification, theft, possession of a forgery device, forgery, and criminal conspiracy. The court approved a no-bail hold on both suspects due to the likelihood of them fleeing and continuing their criminal activities. The investigation is ongoing, and the suspects remain in custody in Washington County.


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