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Study reveals Florida Tech’s annual economic impact reaches $1.6 billion

Florida Institute of Technology Generates $1.6 Billion in Economic Impact Across Florida

The Florida Institute of Technology in Melbourne is making waves with its impressive economic impact on the Sunshine State. A recent analysis revealed that the university generates a whopping $1.6 billion annually through alumni earnings and university spending. President John Nicklow expressed his surprise at the magnitude of this number, stating, “It’s bigger than I expected.”

In addition to its financial contributions, Florida Tech is planning for future growth on its Melbourne campus. A new 540-bed student housing project is in the works, set to open in fall 2026. This expansion will increase the current housing supply by 27%, providing more accommodations for students.

Furthermore, a comprehensive master planning effort has begun to address aging infrastructure needs and create a long-term vision for the campus. President Nicklow teased that there will be “lots of buildings and lots of ideas” in the master plan, hinting at exciting developments to come.

With over 9,500 students enrolled in fall 2023, Florida Tech plays a significant role in the state’s economy. The university’s impact extends beyond just financial contributions, as it also creates jobs and generates tax revenue for state and local governments.

Looking ahead, Florida Tech is poised to meet the growing demand for talent in engineering and aerospace manufacturing jobs on the Space Coast. The launch of the Burrell College of Osteopathic Medicine’s inaugural class at Florida Tech further underscores the university’s commitment to innovation and growth.

Overall, the economic study highlights the vital role that Florida Tech plays in driving economic growth, fostering innovation, and strengthening the community. President Nicklow’s enthusiasm for the university’s future prospects is palpable, as he looks forward to continued success and expansion.


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