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The FRC restructure results in the formation of new market intelligence and digital reporting teams.

Financial Reporting Council (FRC) Restructure Creates New Market Intelligence and Digital Reporting Teams

The Financial Reporting Council (FRC) has announced a major restructure that will create two new teams focused on market intelligence and digital reporting. This strategic move comes after a review of the FRC’s economic analysis, data analysis, research, and market monitoring functions.

The market intelligence and insights team, led by Laura Warren, will provide comprehensive, evidence-based analysis and insights across the FRC’s policy development, monitoring, and regulatory activities. This team aims to enhance the FRC’s understanding of relevant markets and their impact.

On the other hand, the digital reporting and taxonomies team, led by Phil Fitz-Gerald, will focus on improving the quality of digital reporting and developing tools to support the reporting ecosystem. This team will play a crucial role in navigating the rapidly evolving digital reporting landscape.

FRC CEO Richard Moriarty expressed his excitement about the creation of these two new functions, highlighting the benefits they will bring to stakeholders within the FRC’s regulatory remit and scope. He emphasized the importance of collaboration and expertise harnessing across the FRC to drive positive outcomes.

Overall, this restructure signals the FRC’s commitment to staying ahead of the curve in market intelligence and digital reporting, ensuring that they continue to be a leading authority in financial reporting regulation.


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