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The Unified Mobile Banking Journey of MBH Bank and Finshape

Revolutionizing Hungary’s Banking Landscape: The Birth of MBH Bank and the Role of Finshape

Hungary’s Banking Landscape Transformed with the Birth of MBH Bank

In a groundbreaking move, Hungary’s banking sector witnessed a historic merger that led to the creation of MBH Bank on May 1, 2023. This new entity was formed through the consolidation of Budapest Bank, MKB Bank, and Takarékbank, becoming the country’s second-largest banking group with a collective balance sheet exceeding HUF 11,785 billion (approximately $32.4 million USD).

One of the key milestones for MBH Bank was the successful launch of its unified mobile banking application earlier this year. This marked a significant step towards redefining the digital banking experience for retail customers in Hungary.

However, the real challenge for MBH Bank lies in harmonizing the disparate IT systems of the merging institutions to deliver a seamless customer experience. To tackle this complex task, MBH Bank enlisted the expertise of Finshape, a solutions provider with over 30 years of experience in the financial services industry.

Finshape played a crucial role in developing the MBH Bank App, integrating elements from Budapest Bank’s existing application while accommodating evolving requirements and tight timelines. The collaboration between MBH Bank and Finshape exemplified the power of teamwork in driving innovation and setting new standards in digital banking.

Vitályos Áron, Sales Director at Finshape, expressed his pride in collaborating with MBH Bank on this historic project, highlighting the dedication and expertise of the team in overcoming the complexities of merging different systems. Roland Pecsenye, Chief Digital Officer at MBH Bank, also praised Finshape for their ability to deliver high-quality software on time, particularly for complex projects with numerous integrations.

Finshape’s deep understanding of the local market dynamics and architectural expertise were instrumental in navigating the Hungarian banking landscape. Their proficient team of professionals, skilled at streamlining workflows and meeting strict deadlines, ensured the timely delivery of the app, earning the trust and commendation of MBH Bank.

With over 100 banks in Europe and the Middle East benefiting from their innovative solutions, Finshape continues to empower financial institutions to enhance the digital banking experience and operational efficiency. The collaboration between MBH Bank and Finshape sets a new standard for the industry, showcasing the importance of collaboration and innovation in driving success.


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