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Tourism Economic Impact in UP: A Public Analysis | News, Sports, Jobs

Economic Impact Analysis of Tourism in the Western U.P. Released to Public

The Economic Impact of Tourism in the Western U.P. Revealed

A groundbreaking study on the economic impact of tourism in the Western Upper Peninsula has recently been released, shedding light on the significant contributions of tourism to the region’s economy.

The study, conducted by the Western Upper Peninsula Planning & Development Region (WUPPDR) in collaboration with the University of Michigan Economic Growth Institute, provides valuable insights into the dollars and employment generated by tourism in the six-county area. According to the findings, tourism in the region has created over 3,000 jobs and generated nearly $360 million in economic output.

WUPPDR Executive Director Jerry Wuorenmaa emphasized the importance of having concrete data on the economic impacts of tourism for future grant applications and strategic planning. The study also highlighted popular activities among visitors, such as hiking, waterfall viewing, and Northern Lights viewing, which have been key drivers of tourism in the area.

Additionally, the study identified areas for improvement, including the need for more electric vehicle chargers and better infrastructure to enhance the visitor experience. Wuorenmaa noted that the study, funded through a COVID-era grant, provides a valuable snapshot of the tourism industry during a challenging time.

The full report is available for viewing on the WUPPDR website, offering valuable insights for local leaders, businesses, and organizations looking to leverage the economic benefits of tourism in the Western U.P.


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