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Two Top Financial Communications Companies Join Forces

Greg McAndrews & Associates and VX Global, Inc. Join Forces for Integrated Marketing Services

Greg McAndrews & Associates, a well-established traditional securities financial relations firm, and VX Global, Inc., a leading capital markets-based marketing company, have announced a new joint venture. This collaboration aims to provide publicly-held companies and exempt offerings under rule 506 D Rule C with a comprehensive range of integrated marketing and communications services.

With a combined experience of over 83 years in the micro- and medium-cap marketplace, the two companies are set to leverage their expertise to offer clients a unique blend of personal contact, social media, and AI technology. This partnership comes after years of staying connected and sharing a vision of merging traditional practices with modern tools.

The joint venture will utilize proprietary corporate analysis profiling and data filters to assess a client’s offering details or stock trading metrics. By investing over $285,000 in software and AI applications, the companies have developed a robust process that includes lead generation, social media outreach, traditional communications, competitive fund analysis, and CRM parameters.

Moreover, the collaboration will focus on providing clients with a fully loaded, searchable sourcing dashboard through a VX-enhanced website installation. This dashboard will assist in the marketing process by offering tools such as social media newsletters, webinars, e-mails, event geo targeting, traditional mail, media outreach, and continuous follow-up.

Both Greg McAndrews & Associates and VX Global, Inc. are committed to an issuer-driven approach, with staff supporting client engagement. The companies have emphasized the importance of combining their wisdom and ‘street’ experience with the latest technologies to deliver exceptional results for their clients.

The joint venture team is dedicated to the capital markets and will employ a criteria-driven approach supported by a vast database of more than a million records. To ensure compliance with “full disclosure” principles and best practices, the firms will maintain separate corporate entities with strict firewalls for non-public information.

Greg McAndrews, with a long history of serving as a financial public relations counselor, brings a wealth of experience to the partnership. Jonathan Pappie, a corporate financial consultant with over 32 years of experience, will also play a key role in the joint venture.

For more information about this exciting collaboration, interested parties can contact Gregory A. McAndrews at [email protected] or Jonathan Pappie at [email protected] Source: Greg McAndrews & Associates.


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