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U.S. Bank and Greenlight Collaborate to Provide Financial Empowerment for Families

U.S. Bank Partners with Greenlight to Provide Innovative Banking Solution for Families

U.S. Bank Partners with Greenlight to Provide Financial Literacy Tools for Families

MINNEAPOLIS– U.S. Bank has announced a groundbreaking partnership with Greenlight Financial Technology, Inc., a leading family fintech company dedicated to helping parents raise financially-savvy kids. This collaboration aims to offer an innovative banking solution for families, providing eligible U.S. Bank clients with complimentary access to Greenlight’s award-winning debit card and money app.

Greenlight, trusted by over 6 million parents and kids, offers invaluable money management experience for children and teens while providing parents with convenience and peace of mind. Through this partnership, U.S. Bank becomes the first financial institution to integrate Greenlight into its mobile app, allowing families to access financial tools that promote positive money habits.

Tim Welsh, vice chairman of consumer and business banking at U.S. Bank, emphasized the importance of hands-on financial education for young people. He stated, “Our partnership with Greenlight revolutionizes how our clients can teach their kids about money, by providing trusted and proven financial tools that create positive money habits.”

With Greenlight, younger U.S. Bank family members can learn to earn, save, and spend wisely under parental supervision. The platform offers features such as instant money transfers, allowance automation, chore management, spending controls, real-time transaction notifications, and more. Kids and teens can also engage in interactive financial literacy challenges and earn rewards through Greenlight Level Up™, an in-app game designed to empower young individuals with money skills and confidence.

Tim Sheehan, CEO and co-founder of Greenlight, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, “Partnering with U.S. Bank allows us to bring Greenlight to millions of new families, preparing the next generation with the financial knowledge, skills, and confidence they need.”

Starting immediately, U.S. Bank clients with a U.S. Bank Smartly® Checking account or other eligible checking accounts will receive complimentary access to Greenlight. This initiative is part of the Bank Smartly program, launched in 2022 to simplify the checking account and rewards experience for clients.

U.S. Bancorp, the parent company of U.S. Bank, is recognized for its commitment to digital innovation, community partnerships, and customer service. With over 70,000 employees and $684 billion in assets, U.S. Bancorp serves millions of customers globally through various banking services.

Greenlight Financial Technology focuses on helping parents raise financially-smart kids through its award-winning banking app, Greenlight. The platform offers a debit card for kids and teens, along with safety features for the entire family. Greenlight partners with leading banks, credit unions, and employers to provide its family finance solution to more families.

This partnership between U.S. Bank and Greenlight represents a significant step towards promoting financial literacy and empowering families to make informed financial decisions. To learn more about the collaboration and the benefits it offers, visit


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