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Mastering Buy Now, Pay Later: A Guide to Using it Like a Pro | National

Tips for Using Buy Now, Pay Later Wisely

“Buy now, pay later” plans have become a popular option for shoppers looking for flexibility at checkout. These installment loans divide purchases into several payments, with the first due at checkout. While these plans can be convenient, they come with risks if not used wisely.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s latest rule clarifies that buy now, pay later lenders are considered credit card providers, offering similar legal protections and rights. However, it’s important for consumers to understand how to use these plans responsibly.

To use buy now, pay later the smart way, consumers should aim to use it strategically by ensuring they have the funds to pay it off based on the terms. Avoid relying on these plans for basic necessities and leave room in your budget for unexpected expenses. It’s also crucial to avoid taking on too many plans at once to prevent becoming overextended.

Paying on time is essential to avoid fees and potential damage to credit history. While payment history may not be reported to credit bureaus, missing payments can have negative consequences. Selecting the right payment method, understanding the terms of the loan, and staying organized with due dates are also key factors in using buy now, pay later plans effectively.

By following these tips, consumers can make the most of buy now, pay later options without falling into financial pitfalls.


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